LESCO Old Bills History

For some reasons you have to check LESCO previous bills history. Reasons should vary either a billing issue, you want to verify payment records, you want to check your energy consumption, or ensuring that you are not overcharged. 

How to Check LESCO Bill History Online

The procedure for checking LESCO old bills is very easy and listed below:

  • Visit our website home page LESCOeBills.
  • Enter “Reference Number” in the field and click on “Customer Menu”.
  • Now you see the current bill of the last month, now look at the right side of the bill, in the middle you see the previous bills of last 12-months.
  • Still if you can’t find it, check the image below:
LESCO Previous Bills History

Why Check LESCO Previous/Old Bill History?

There are various reasons for checking electricity bill history, some of which are listed below:

  • Financial Management: You want to track your electricity consumption over time, such as how much electricity you use and how much you spend.
  • Billing Accuracy: To make sure your previous bills are paid correctly and there are no pending charges.
  • Energy Consumption: Monitor your electricity usage and control excess electricity usage.
  • Billing Issues: For any type of billing issues solution, or proof of paid all old bills.

Troubleshooting Billing Problems

Sometimes the bill is higher than the actual bill by mistake, in such cases verify the meter reading and contact the nearest LESCO office to correct the bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my old LESCO bills?

You can access your old LESCO bills through the website, or by visiting a customer service center.

What should I do if there is an error in my bill?

If you find an error in your bill, contact LESCO customer service to report the issue and request a correction.

Can I get a copy of my bill if I have lost it?

Yes, you can retrieve a copy of your bill from our website, or by visiting a customer service center.

How can I ensure my bill is accurate?

Regularly check your meter readings, review your bill for any unusual charges, and compare it with previous bills to ensure accuracy or calculate it on our LESCO Bill Calculator.

What are the benefits of using the LESCO mobile app?

The LESCO mobile app provides convenient access to your billing history, allows for easy bill payment, and offers features such as outage reporting.

Why is it important to keep old bills?

Keeping old bills helps in tracking electricity usage, managing your budget, and resolving any billing disputes that may arise.

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