LESCO Bill Calculator online [2024]

In the current rising inflation situations of Pakistan, it’s very difficult to manage and handle their monthly budget for a common man as the prices of everything are very high. But if you know upcoming expenses, then it’s quite easy to manage your budget. Lesco facilitates their consumers, you can easily calculate your bills with the help of consumed units.

How to use online LESCO Bill Calculator

The process of calculating electricity bill is quite easy, follow these steps to calculate your bill:

  • Enter consumed units.
  • Click on the button “Calculate”.

LESCO Bill Calculator

Cost of Electricity
F.C Surcharge
Electricity Duty
TV Fee
N.J Surcharge
Total Estimated Bill

If you want to check your complete bill, then click on this.

Keep in mind, the actual bill may be a little bit increased from the estimated amount, due to some special tax applied to some consumers.

How Online LESCO Bill Calculator Works

The online electricity bill calculator works on various factors:

  • Cost of Units
  • Electricity Duty
  • GST
  • T.V Fee
  • FC Surcharge
  • QTR Tariff Adj
  • L.P Surcharge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I dispute a Lesco bill?

You can dispute your Lesco bill easily on this page.