LESCO customer awareness

Awareness campaign for LESCO users

Protected domestic consumers and electricity rates, As per NEPRA rules, protected consumers will be considered as domestic consumers who fulfill the following conditions.

  • Their approved load should be less than five kilowatts. (Single Phase Connection)
  • Their billing is done through NON TOU Meter.
  • Their electricity consumption of the current month and the consumption of the last six months should be less than or equal to 200 units.

Note: Failure to meet any of these conditions will result in the user leaving the protected category. that customer’s electricity rates are reduced compared to other customers. If the consumption of electricity exceeds 200 units in a month, the consumer comes out of the protected category.

Note: To come under the category of protected consumer again, it is necessary that the consumer consumes less than 200 units of electricity continuously from the seven month, the consumer will be charged the protected rate. Prior to this, the normal rate of electricity (non-protected) will be applicable.


Information about Prime Minister’s Relief / Fuel Price Aid Adjustment

For home/Domestic users

  • Single phase connection (sanctioned load less than 0.5 KW) households on Non-TOU tariff consumers whose electricity consumption is 300 units or less in June 2022 have been abolished by the FPA in the August bill. Thus they have got a relief of Rs.09.90 per unit.
  • (Protected Consumers) Domestic consumers with single phase connection who have consumed less than 200 units 6 months continuously will be charged Rs.03.90 instead of Rs.09.90 on FPA fuel. Therefore they will be given relief of Rs.06 per unit.
  • Consumers consuming 100 or less units in the last 12 months with sanctioned load up to 1KW. They are free from FPA.
  • Customers who have paid their bill and are eligible for relief will get credit for the accumulated amount in their next bill.
  • Customers eligible for FPA relief can download their corrected bill from Lesco website lescoebills.pk. Their date of payment has been extended.
  • There is no relief for customers who have more than 300 units in the month of June 2022. if you have used 301 or more units in the month of June, you will pay the entire bill.

Other users

  • Private Agricultural Tube Wells FPA for June 2022 has been fully concluded.
  • Normal FPA will be applicable for customers of all other tariff categories. As of June 2022, all industrial, commercial and all TOU customers with more than 300 units of Ghar Yello are not eligible for FPA relief. Please pay your bill immediately. So that late payment surcharge is not applicable and electricity supply can continue uninterrupted.

You can easily check your lesco duplicate bill here!

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