Raising Awareness on LESCO Defaulters

For everyone’s awareness about what’s happening with electricity Services, LESCO has started informing people who have not paid their electricity bills and their electricity has been disconnected. This action is for giving lessons to the general public, what will happen if you don’t pay your bills on time.

Now LESCO’s new plan is to highlight how important it is to pay electricity bills on time. When people don’t pay, this causes the company’s financial issues and reliability of electricity for everyone. 

Awareness is the first step towards solving the problem. By posting the list of LESCO Defaulters, helps the public to maintain reliable electricity service. This encourages people to report if they see electricity being stolen from nearby

As responsible citizens, you must use electricity fairly and pay bills on time. If you see defaulters building using electricity illegally, please report it to LESCO at the toll-free number 0320-0520888. Your help will support LESCO in stopping energy theft and ensure fair electricity distribution for everyone. Every report helps make sure everyone gets fair access to electricity without extra burden on those who pay their bills.

Here you can check your LESCO Bill or also calculate your bills.

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