Replacement of LESCO Damaged Transformers

SOPs for Replacement of LESCO Damaged/Defective Transformers

When a transformer is damaged, consumers can face long power outages, causing trouble and reputational damage. To improve the process of restoring supply, follow the following SOPs steps:

1. General Duty Transformer

Restoration Time of Supply:

  • Urban areas: Power should be restored within 4 hours using a trolley-mounted transformer.
  • Rural areas: Power should be restored within 8 hours using a trolley-mounted transformer.
  • Remote Areas: If trolley-mounted transformers are unavailable, a replacement transformer should be sourced from the nearest field store. The maximum restoration times are: For Urban Areas: 10 hours, For Rural Areas: 16 hours.

Replacement of Damaged Transformer: Damaged transformers must be replaced with a healthy one within 48 hours in urban areas and within 96 hours in rural areas. If this is not done on time, the Assistant Manager (operations) in charge will face suspension from their job.

Return of Damaged Transformer: Damaged transformers must be returned to the Regional/Field Store within 2 days. The Assistant Manager (Operations) must seal them with security slips and keep accurate records.

Issuing a Replacement Transformer:

  • The Line Superintendent will prepare a transformer damage report and Material Receipt Note (MRN), and get them approved by the appropriate authority.
  • The damage report, signed by the Line Superintendent, Assistant Manager (Operations), and Deputy Manager (Operations), along with a Store Requisition (SR), must be submitted.
  • Action will be taken against the responsible person for the damage.
  • The Deputy Manager (Operations) must also provide a certificate confirming that the transformer is for general use and not for independent connections.

Issuing Reclaimed/New Transformer: The store will swap the damaged transformer with a reclaimed or new one with the same capacity.

Higher Capacity Transformers: Before installing a higher capacity transformer, approval from the appropriate authority is necessary.

Joint Inspection: A committee, including representatives from M&T, the Regional/Field Store, and the relevant Sub-Division will inspect the damaged transformer together for damage assessment.

Shifting for Repair: After all necessary formalities, the damaged transformer will be shifted to the PWF Reclamation Workshop, LESCO’s own Transformer Repair Workshop, or a certified private workshop within 14 days.

Load Recording: The Assistant Manager (Operations) will report the peak load of the newly installed transformer to LESCO Headquarters the next day.

Expense Coverage: LESCO will bear the expenses for repairing and replacing damaged transformers intended for general duty.

2. Independent/Consumer’s Transformer

Priority Handling: Immediate action should be taken to restore supply through a trolley-mounted transformer.

Cost Handling: Issue a demand notice for repair charges or the cost of a new/reclaimed transformer. With payment, install the new/reclaimed transformer.

Availability of Transformers: If 400 kVA or 630 kVA transformers are unavailable, consumers may purchase a new one or get it repaired from LESCO approved workshops.

Inspection Certificate: Consumers must provide an Inspection Certificate from the office of PPMC (Chief Engineer QA&I PEPCO) before installation of transformers.

Approval: Permission for repair or purchase of a new transformer must be obtained from the Superintending Engineer of LESCO.

Non-payment Consequence: If the consumer does not pay within 3 days, the trolley-mounted transformer will be removed, and the consumer will be responsible for the cut of power supply.

3. Local/Private Repair of Transformers

Major Repairs: Major repairs, such as coil replacements, are not allowed to be undertaken by field formations. Only minor repairs that do not require opening the transformer tank are permitted.

Unauthorized Repairs: Field formations are not allowed to engage unauthorized private workshops for transformer repairs.

Authorized Repair Workshops: Repairs are only allowed from PWF Reclamation Workshop, LESCO’s own transformer repair workshop, or prequalified private workshops.

Disciplinary Action: Strict disciplinary action will be taken against officers/officials who violate these instructions.

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