How to Check LESCO Bill Online 2024?

To check the lesco bill online, you have to put a reference number or consumer id, given on the bill. After putting the reference number or consumer id, click on the submit button and your current duplicate bill will be displayed on screen.

Please provide your reference number

How To Check LESCO Bill with Reference Number

To check the Lesco bill with a reference number, you have to put the reference number in the given dailog box. Reference numbers consist of 15-digits, The reference number is a combination of batch number, sub-division number, reference number, and RU code.

Reference No LESCO Bill

How To Check LESCO Bill with Customer ID

Alternatively, you have a second method to online check ebill lesco, by customer id, you have to put the consumer id in the given dialog box. Consumer number is consist of 7-digits.

Customer ID LESCO Bill

How can I find the Reference Number and Customer ID of the Lesco bill?

To find the reference number or consumer ID of the Lesco bill, you can check your old bill or check from your lesco portal. Here are the steps,

  • Old Bill: check your old bills, normally the reference number and consumer ID written on the top of the bill. It is your unique number, assigned by Lesco.
  • Lesco Online Portal: if you don’t find any old bill then the alternative solution to find the reference number or consumer id, is online portal. Enter your name and other required details to find your account. Once you find your account then you will see your reference number or customer ID in account summary.
  • Customer Service Center: If you are still unable to find it, then the last option is to visit any nearest branch of lesco customer service center with the copy of your CNIC.

LESCO Introduction

LESCO stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company. As its name it is a power distribution company in Lahore city and nearby areas.

Company was incorporated in Pakistan on May 14, 1998 under the Companies Ordinance 1984. Lesco comes under the main organization Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), distributing electricity in almost 2000 Square Kilometers.

Areas Under LESCO

Lesco distributes electricity in not only Lahore, but also in various cities:

  • Okara
  • Kasur
  • Sheikhupura
  • Nankana

LESCO Operation Circles

Here is the list of operation circles covered by Lesco.

Circle NoCircle NameDivisionsCircle Name
1North Lahore Circle528
2Central Lahore Circle531
3Eastern Lahore Circle423
4Okara Circle423
5South-Eastern Lahore Circle426
6Sheikhupura Circle418
7Kasur Circle530
8Nankana Circle416
Operation Circles of LESCO

LESCO E-Kachehri

Following the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Ministry of Energy, LESCO will hold monthly electronic meetings with the chief executive and operations manager. Users can easily address electricity-related issues from home or office, ensuring complaints are resolved without visiting offices. Stay updated and participate in E-Kachehri by regularly visiting the LESCO E-Kachehri page.

How to print and download LESCO Bill Online?

After getting the bill on display, you have the option of downloading and printing the bill. Alternatively you can print bills with Ctrl+P keys.

Why is online bill useful?

In some rare cases customers did not receive electricity bills on time, in this case there are some scenarios like visit the nearest electricity office for duplicate electricity bill, or wait for the bill but in this case after due date you have to pay some extra amount in the term of late surcharges, and the last and very useful scenario is online bill, that’s very useful and you don’t need to go anywhere, you can easily check online electricity bill from home with your reference or customer ID.

LESCO Bill Payment

There are several methods of bill payment like online bill payment, pay with bank, with ATM, with Customer Service Centers, with JazzCash/EasyPaisa/Upaisa, or with any mobile banking apps.

LESCO Bill Online Payment

Lesco introduced a method of online bill payment on their website or mobile app for the sake of their users/Consumers. Users pay their bill on Lesco website or mobile app with credit or debit cards.

Bill Payment with Bank

You can pay the bill in any nearest authorized bank branch. Payment can be done in various two ways: Cash payment or pay through Cheque.

Bill Payment with EasyPaisa/JazzCash

You can also pay your bills with any mobile wallet apps like EasyPaisa or JazzCash. These apps have the option to pay electricity bills online. You can easily pay your bill with a reference number or customer ID.

Bill Payment with ATM

Another method to pay the Lesco bill is through ATM Machines of authorized Banks.

Bill Payment at Customer Services Centers

Lesco facilitates their customers in bill payments. Customers can visit any nearest customer service center to pay bills with cash, cheque or cards(credit/debit).

Bill Payment with Mobile Banking

Customers can pay their lesco bill with any of the authorized mobile banking apps. 

LESCO Tariff 2024

Rising inflation in Pakistan has also affected the electricity bill sector. If we compare today’s electricity rates with the 5,6 year old bills, there is a huge difference. These sudden changes in tariff have badly affected people’s lives. It is important for everyone to understand their bill rates.

Here is the new tariff of 2024, you can estimate your bill according to this tariff.

How to use the Lesco Helpline?

You can use the Lesco helpline for your queries, Here are contact numbers for any assistance:

  • Call at 118
  • Sms at 8118

Once you call on the given number for the helpline, you will choose any of the languages by pressing the relevant key with given instructions. Now you will be guided according to your query, if still you are not satisfied then you have the option of direct call with the customer care center representative by pressing the relevant key for the live agent.

How can I apply for Lesco bill correction?

You can also contact these several mobile numbers for bill correction and bill installments or any other queries about it.

Sr No.Superintendent Engineers Circle wiseContact Number
1Northern Lahore Circle0320-0521100
2Central Lahore Circle0320-0521200
3Eastern Lahore Circle0320-0521300
4Okara Circle0320-0521400
5South-Eastern Lahore Circle0320-0521500
6Sheikhupura Circle0320-0521600
7Kasur Circle0320-0521700
8Nankana Circle0320-0521800
List of Superintendent Engineers of LESCO

LESCO SMS or Email Service

Lesco facilitates their consumers with free service of sms and email bill delivery. It’s your choice to choose one service or both for bill delivery.

New Connection or Transfer Procedure

You can easily apply for a new connection or transfer for an existing connection either online or visiting nearest branch.

Peak and Off-Peak Timings

Peak and off-Peak timings of electricity will help you to maintain your electricity consumption. And the reason for maintaining the electricity bill. Here is the Lesco peak and off-peak timings list of 2024.

SeasonPeak TimingOff-Peak Timing
December – February5:00PM  –  9:00PMRemaining Hours
March – May6:00PM  –  10:00PMRemaining Hours
June – August7:00PM  –  11:00PMRemaining Hours
September – November6:00PM  –  10:00PMRemaining Hours
Peak and Off-Peak timings of LESCO

How to Save Lesco Bill And Reducing Consumption

As you know the electricity bills are increasing day by day, the unit price of electricity now as compared to previous year has increased significantly (almost) doubled. As a common man or medal class person, it is very difficult to pay huge electricity bills naw-a-days.

Here are some tips for saving electricity bills and reducing electricity consumptions: Unplug the iron switch after ironing the clothes, also unplug the other devices when not in use like TV, AC, Mobile chargers or many other devices that consume electricity even when not in use. Performs most of the tasks that consume more electricity in off-peak timings, this can also be the reason for reducing electricity bills. Turn off lights and fans when nobody is in the rooms.

How can I Check Load Shedding Schedule of LESCO Bill online 2024?

It is very important for consumers to know the load shedding schedule of electricity because they have to plan their working schedule accordingly. You can check the Lesco load shedding schedule 2024 by visiting this page.

The load shedding schedule will vary according to areas wised. So, you can check load shedding schedules of your areas. Keep checking load shedding schedule regularly, as it is updated/changed on any time. If you know the schedule then you can easily manage or arrange your tasks or activities according to electricity availability.

Register LESCO Complaint at CCMS

Wapda introduced a complaint portal at CCMS against any electricity company (lesco, fesco, mepco, iesco, pesco…..). Read more on this page. You can also complaint about bill defaulters or electricity thefts.

How to Track LESCO Complaint on CCMS?

After registering the complaint, it’s very easy to track your complaint with your reference number, as CCMS allows the applicant to stay updated.

Due Date Extension and Installment Procedure

To facilitate the customers, lesco shows the flexibility on the extension of due date and the installment plans. You can extend your bills due date or installment plans by visiting the nearest Lesco office or through Lesco online portal.

Replacement of LESCO Damaged Transformers

When it comes to replacing damaged transformers at LESCO, efficiency and safety are top priorities. LESCO team follows a clear process, quickly check broken transformers and replace them to keep electricity running smoothly in urban and rural areas. With designated staff members taking charge and proper approvals in place, we ensure that replacements happen seamlessly. And we are committed to using authorized workshops for repairs, guaranteeing quality service. Trust LESCO for quick and reliable transformer replacement, keeping your power running uninterrupted.

Taxes in LESCO Bill

There are various types of taxes applied to your lesco bill like GST, Fuel Adjustment, Television Fee and many more.

What Are Green Electricity Meters or Net Meters?

Green electricity meter is a special device that help people use renewable energy, like solar power, in their homes. These meters measure how much electricity you use from the regular power grid and how much you generate from your solar panels or other renewable sources. If you produce more electricity than you need, the extra energy can go back into the grid, and you might get credits for it on your electricity bill. This helps you save money and helps the environment by using clean energy. Green meters make it easier for everyone to use renewable energy and make our electricity system more eco-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check if my LESCO Electricity bill is paid or not?

You can easily check if your electricity bill is paid or not with follow these steps:

  • Open any mobile wallet or mobile banking app
  • Go to “pay utility bills”
  • Select option “electricity bill”
  • Now put your reference number

Now you can see on display if your bill is paid or not.

Can I check my bill online with the CNIC or meter number?

No, you can only check your electricity bill with a reference number and customer ID. here are some steps if you don’t know any of this:

  • Go to the Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS) portal.
  • Select option “Complaint Navigation”
  • Select option “CNIC”
  • Now put your CNIC.

Now you have obtained the reference number of your electricity bill, now you can easily check your bill.

How to calculate LESCO bill online?

You can esily estimate your LESCO bill on LESCO Bill Calculator in just 2 steps.